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Here is an excerpt from Google: Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you email out of the blue.


Amazingly, we get these spam emails too:

"Dear google.com,
I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories..."

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Send Email for Web Promotion

Send Email for Web PromotionSearch Engine Optimization, whether it's paid or organic, is a science


For your business to succeed you need a great looking website that is search engine friendly. We at Web Designers Loudoun specialize in promoting your website to increase visibility thus helping you grow your business. Google uses a number of criteria to rank Web pages and return search results. Instead of optimizing your site with just one of these techniques, it's important to utilize all of them to ensure that your ranking improves. Our experience has taught us a few tricks that will enhance your website searchability.

Some of our specialities are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Keyword Optimization
  3. Getting online visibility through proven ways
  4. Cleaning up and optimizing your code
  5. Continuous search engine enhancement
  6. Google Pay Per click services
  7. Website Traffic Reports
  8. Detailed Statistics about your visitors


Google is constantly changing and refining its search technology. Optimization techniques that work today may be useless tomorrow, we keep up to date with latest technologies and keep you informed.


Alleged Negative SEO Google Ranking Factors


Text represented graphically is invisible to search engines.
Affilates on your website.
Too much keyword stuffing.
Stealing text and images from other websites.
Too many dynamic pages.


Submit Your Site to Major Search Engines


Add your url to google index by visiting http://www.google.com/addurl/

Visit http://search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx to submit your web site to the MSN search engine.

Visit: http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html to submit your web site to the Yahoo! search engine. By submitting your site to Yahoo!, you are also submitting your site to be listed on Altavista. By submitting your site to Yahoo!, you are also submitting your site to be listed on AlltheWeb.com.
Please note you will have to create an account with Yahoo! to submit your website.


Some of the services we provide are: Web Design/Web Redesign, Website Maintenance, Website Evaluations, Ecommerce Web Design, Web Blogs,Graphic design,Social Media, Web Development, Web Hosting, Domain Names, Internet Marketing / SEO, Business Card Design, Post Card Design, Brochures, Flyers, Photo Galleries, Website Photographic Services, Search Engine Submission, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Campaigns, Computer Networks, Computer Set ups and Database Management.